Enhancing Concession Management

Global Players Go Digital With Us

Business applications created using the WEMAIK Platform as part of a digital transformation are used by some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world. Here are a few of them.

Many of our customers view their digital transformation as strategic and the role of our software in that transformation as a strategic advantage. Accordingly, they do not wish their identity nor specific details to be revealed and we respect their wishes for confidentiality.

Company Profile

This company is a world leader in toll road management, directly managing more than 8,300 kms of high capacity roads globally. France is an important market for them, where they now manages more than 2,000 km of toll roads through a subsidiary.


Despite previous projects to optimize the IT infrastructure that connects concession partners along the toll roads, the company strongly believed there was room for further improvement. In particular, the IT system that supported invoicing of concession fees to companies doing business on managed routes (such as gas stations) predated privatization of highways in France. Here, the company saw the need for an application that could more accurately determine and report concession revenues, particularly:

  • Self-declaration of revenue by concession businesses
  • Running declared revenue against contract rules and creation of pre-invoices
  • Manual pre-invoice approval and transmittal of approved invoices to the accounting ERP
  • Support for simulation and projections by the marketing department.


Due to the nature of the project, the company opted to work with a global Business Consulting firm rather than directly with an ISV or other technology vendor.

The Consulting firm recommended building a solution with WEMAIK, due to our collaborative, data-centric application creation model, and also our ability to create applications x10 faster than traditional development solutions.

Following investigation and analysis, the consultancy designed and created a new concession invoicing application using WEMAIK. The new application provides:

  • Complex contract invoicing rules (threshold revenues, indexes, etc.) modeled in WEMAIK
  • Comparison of past declared revenue against the new model to gauge its accuracy, and identity past invoicing anomalies
  • Manual approval of pre-invoices, and routing of approved invoices to the accounting ERP (the requirements for which changed mid-project with no impact) leveraging the built-in WEMAIK ELT (Extract, Load, Transform).
  • “what if” simulation and future projections


With WEMAIK, business consultants created the application, exploiting the platform’s collaborative, agile and iterative process. The resulting application, created entirely around the clients specific needs, delivered immediate ROI by identifying significant non-invoiced concession revenues.

The application is now the reference concession revenue simulation and invoicing system for the company’s marketing department in France.