Integrating Data Infrastructure

Global Players Go Digital With Us

Business applications created using the WEMAIK Platform as part of a digital transformation are used by some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world. Here are a few of them.

Many of our customers view their digital transformation as strategic and the role of our software in that transformation as a strategic advantage. Accordingly, they do not wish their identity nor specific details to be revealed and we respect their wishes for confidentiality.

Company Profile

In 2015 the French government created a new law that mandated changes in the regions that make up France, reducing the number of regions from 22 to 13. This organization is a new administrative region of France, created from the merger of several previous regional authorities, that covers an area of more than 72,000 km2 (over 28,000 sq mi) and a population of almost 6m people.


The immediate concern for the merging regions, however, was how to combine their IT infrastructure in the 1-year timetable imposed by the government, whilst continuing to serve their citizens. By January 1st of the following year – 2016 – they needed to be planning, providing and funding services as a unified entity. This required, at a minimum, a merged budgeting and reporting system to be in place.


Realizing that they needed expert advice and assistance, a global Business Consultancy was brought in to oversee the project; the consultancy recommended building solutions with WEMAIK that would enable the existing systems to remain operational, whilst quickly providing new joint services.

The project was launched in the last quarter of 2015 with a target production date for the initial phase of January 1st, the following year. The system would need also to support the merged budgetary process from April 2016. The consulting firm recommended that a joint budgeting system be created on WEMAIK, due to our ability to create applications x10 faster than traditional development solutions. The project would be delivered in 3 stages:

  • Joint day-to-day business reporting in January 2016
  • Support of joint core budgetary process under merged Finance Department in March 2016
  • Roll-out to all administrative operational staff in September 2016


With the WEMAIK Platform, a single business consultant created the applications, exploiting the platform’s collaborative, agile and iterative process. The resulting applications, created entirely to the administration’s needs, delivered the following benefits:

  • Iterative, collaborative development process delivered business reporting application with practical benefits almost immediately
  • The final production budgeting and reporting application was deployed in less than 5 months
  • The application was rapidly adoption by 200 users with minimal training owing to the strong match to their precise needs and the collaborative nature of the development

The application is now core system to the regional administrations merged financial planning process.