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Join The No Code Revolution


With new high profile challengers taking over industry sectors, disruption is hot. Disruption exploits technology to create radical new business models providing greater customer value than offered by incumbent firms. Today, digital transformation is disrupting everything, and smart businesses recognise the need to remain competitive by transforming.

Digital transformation promises to make businesses more agile, people-oriented, innovative, customer- centric, and more by shifting business activities, processes, competencies and models to digital technologies. AI and no code aPaaS are two key technologies; they are important because both have the capacity to dramatically transform business processes and models.

We love being digital citizens and building innovative no code xPaaS solutions is our passion

WEMAIK understand that constant change is the new normal. We believe that instead of fearing that an outsider will change your business, you must look at ways to change it yourself.

In other words, by embracing digital transformation, businesses can protect themselves from the disruption caused by it.

At WEMAIK we believe we will change the world

We foresee an “AI-powered” future in which AI technologies are pervasive, adding the right value at the right place, at the right moment, aiding business experts to achieve their objectives, completing tasks for which they don’t have or don’t need the expertise. We believe the products we are creating for our customers today guarantee this future will arrive sooner rather than later.

WEMAIK is committed to enabling business experts to quickly and easily develop enterprise-grade applications

Today, WEMAIK ensures that the creation of enterprise web applications does not require special technical skills, and can be done without any coding. Every professional should be able to create tailor- made applications that help them get the job done.

Our no-code development platform is designed to give business experts the insights and tools to enhance, optimise and refine business processes and power their digital transformation. They are designed to enable business experts to maximise the value of company data and employee expertise. Most of all, they are designed to ensure business experts can create new products and services and so delight customers.

WEMAIK enables enterprises to digitize their business model – and we make that process easy!

Join us for the no code revolution !