PlugBI rebrands as WEMAIK

Paris, France, June 2017 – WEMAIK, an industry leader in no-code rapid application development and aPaaS solutions, today announced the launch of its new brand identity, with the introduction of a new logo, website, and refined positioning that signifies WEMAIK’s rapid growth and widening dominance in the no-code marketplace.

Industry-leading no-code company announces strategic rebranding, repositioning initiative alongside aggressive growth program

“WEMAIK has been one of the best-kept secrets in no-code application creation,” said Frédéric DOEZY, CEO and co-founder of WEMAIK. “With today’s reveal of our new identity, we’re sharing what leading companies like L’Oréal, Renault, Allianz, and many others have come to learn about us in the three short years since our inception: WEMAIK is a different kind of no-code platform, with a proven record of fast, agile, collaborative app creation that is available to any business expert.” Co-founder and AI expert Alain RAIS concurs, “Turning every business expert into an AI-assisted developer is the next frontier in redefining business agility.”

WEMAIK typically partners with business consultancies who bring their expertise in digital transformation and business process analysis to end-client projects. Partners such as Atos Consulting, Ernst & Young and others have been highly supportive of the rebranding, as it clears-up the confusion of being a BI solution. They also recognize a business partner in the new branding as opposed to a technology vendor.

“As a company, WEMAIK has a strong sense of who it is and what it delivers, which enables us to tell a compelling and differentiated story. Our business consultancy partners fully appreciate our ability to enable them to take advantage of digital by transforming their own business model ,” said Guillaume BRETEGNIER, VP Alliances SEMEA.

The new name connects the company strongly to two key concepts; Artificial Intelligence and the Maker Movement. AI, of course, is fundamental to the WEMAIK platforms ability to create all code necessary for whatever application is required. In fact several processes within the WEMAIK platform are governed by AI algorithms. The Maker Movement is a contemporary subculture that blends DIY (Do It Yourself) culture with hacker culture and revels in the creation of new devices. This ethos entirely matches the WEMAIK platform’s ability to democratize application creation, enabling anyone to create the business applications they need.

The new logo brings a sharp new visual identity, calling to mind consumer branding, rather than a typical technology company identity. The iconic sweeping intersected “WM” of the logo is instantly recognizable, and highlights WEMAIK co-founder Alain Rais’ acumen at AI development by reinforcing the “AI” contained within WEMAIK with a dot identifying the letter “I”.

Marketing VP Garry TUGWELL-SMITH explained “It was very much time in the company’s growth to adopt an identity that matched who it is and what it does. Our previous branding positioned us wholly toward a technical audience and implied analytics and business intelligence. The reality is that with our ease-of-use, our typical users are business experts. Moreover, WEMAIK enables any type of business application to be created, not just analytics and BI applications”.

WEMAIK’s emphasis on ease of use and the democratization of application creation is reflected in the company’s new tagline, “WHATEVER YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS. JUST MAIK IT.” This language speaks to WEMAIK’s core proposition that, with the WEMAIK platform, any business expert can rapidly create and deploy rock-solid, secure, and scalable web applications without having to write a single line of code.

“Today’s launch rings in a new era for WEMAIK in which we intend to vastly scale our business,” said CEO Frederic DOEZY. “We plan to dramatically increase our size and scope by, among other things, geographic expansion which will see us opening offices in key business centers, and product enhancement, which will see us offering some fundamentally unique services as part of WEMAIK Cloud. We have also invested in our Services offerings which will scale as our geographic coverage spreads to meet our partner and end-client needs.”

Founded in 2014, WEMAIK creates technology that reimagines how software is developed, and who it is developed by. Through our integrated software platforms, we engineer AI-assisted no-code rapid application development solutions that empower business users to create the applications they need, overcome critical problems and to extract additional value from the full breadth of available business data.