Accelerating Business Processes

Global Players Go Digital With Us

Business applications created using the WEMAIK Platform as part of a digital transformation are used by some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world. Here are a few of them.

Many of our customers view their digital transformation as strategic and the role of our software in that transformation as a strategic advantage. Accordingly, they do not wish their identity nor specific details to be revealed and we respect their wishes for confidentiality.

Company Profile

The organization is an international association in the transport sector that lobby’s on behalf of its global members, shares best practices, creates and promotes strategic initiatives, support members as they develop new business, propose new ways to improve technical performance and interoperability, and much more.


As part of its transformation project, the organization had changed its ERP solution and needed to add reporting and an Activity Based Costing (ABC) analyzer, with the objective of standardizing the management of activities organization-wide, including within 3 subsidiaries. There was also a strong desire at senior levels to kill stand-alone Excel business analysis solutions. These objectives were driven by the need to lock-down cost analysis for the organization.

Further, EU requirements for the audit financial records necessitated the need for the roll-out of new time management application.


Realizing that they needed the assistance of a trusted advisor, a global Business Consultancy was brought in to oversee the project; The consulting firm recommended building solutions with WEMAIK, due to our data-centric application creation model, our ability to easily connect to existing infrastructure, and also our ability to create applications x10 faster than traditional development solutions.

Following investigation and analysis, the consultancy designed and created three new applications using WEMAIK. The new applications, introduced in stages, were as follows:

  • An accounting engine which can transform operational data into accounting data (Overhead expenses, and room hire costs related to meetings and so on)
  • An “executive dashboard” to capture and display information from all 4 entities within the group and to produce reporting for all members of the association
  • A time management application where employees assigned to a project can declare time spent, including validation and workflow


With WEMAIK, business consultants created the application, exploiting the platform’s collaborative, agile and iterative process. The resulting applications,  created entirely around the clients specific needs, delivered immediate benefits:

  • By using WEMAIK they accelerate the accounting closing processes from weeks to days
  • The dedicated application for time management was well received and quickly adopted, being tailored specifically for organization and around the way people work. This reflects the WEMAIK Platforms ability to capture process and create the application around it. Rapid adoption facilitated meeting the EU audit requirements.