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WEMAIK serves business consultancies around the world. Our Services provide partners with a unique blend of cross-industry knowledge and business and technology expertise to bring solutions and best-practices that improve end-client experience during transformation projects.

WEMAIK Services are at the core of our ability to be a key strategic partner to our consulting partners and help them on their own transformation journey.

Logo WEMAIK Alliances

Logo WEMAIK Alliances

Deliver end-to-end digital transformation

Become a WEMAIK solution partner

The WEMAIK platform is designed to give Management Consultancy firms the insights and tools to enhance, optimise and refine their clients business processes and power their digital transformation. It is designed to enable you to maximise the value of your client’s data and employee expertise. Most of all, our platform is designed to ensure you can realize new digital business models and processes that delight clients.

WEMAIK believes the best way to help your clients achieve their transformation objectives is by building and deploying the necessary applications yourself. With our no-code platform you can rapidly turn transformation strategies into enterprise-grade applications. Partner with WEMAIK, and you’ll have the support, incentives, and guidance you need to grow your business in this rapidly expanding market.

We are 100% committed to selling through consultancy firms; contact us today to learn about becoming a certified PlugBI consulting partner.

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WEMAIK Academy!

WEMAIK Academy is a learning service to quickly acquire the skills needed to create the applications they need for their clients digital transformation projects.

At the WEMAIK Academy you THINK it, MAIK it, USE it, quickly and easily. In no time at all you’ll be creating enterprise-class business applications without writing a single line of code.

Logo Wemaik academy

Logo Wemaik academy

Get ready to learn with WEMAIK Academy

WEMAIK Academy provides all the resources you need to sharpen your application design skills. Follow our curriculum from application creation fundamentals, UX best practices, all the way through to advanced topics such as analytics. You can even get certified on the WEMAIK platform.

Are you ready to learn how to make awesome applications that enhance, optimise and refine your business data and processes?

Contact us for more information on WEMAIK Academy training.

Logo Wemaik services

Logo Wemaik services

Strong consultant skills

in key application and process areas

Thanks to a deep experience in business process and business application IT, WEMAIK Services understand digital transformation and how events such as mergers, divestments, market fluctuations and new business models can impact your company IT infrastructure. Using the WEMAIK platform we can lock-down business processes, align Finance and Operations and find cost savings, ensuring transformation projects achieve their human, financial and infrastructure objectives.

Contact us for more details about our Professional Services.

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WEMAIK Support

WEMAIK Support Specialists have the expertise and the tools to assist you with any technical issues you encounter during the day-to-day use of the WEMAIK platform.

Logo Wemaik support

Logo Wemaik support

Submit a support case

To submit a support case, contact us. We’ll send you a confirmation email with your case number and an estimated response time.

Logo Wemaik cloud

Logo Wemaik cloud

Welcome to WEMAIK Cloud

WEMAIK Cloud is our industry-leading no-code platform delivered as an extended aPaaS – all of the powerful, easy-to use features of the WEMAIK platform combined with the benefits of cloud delivery. WEMAIK Cloud eliminates installation and deployment issues, ongoing infrastructure maintenenace needs – all whilst minimising time to benefit.

WEMAIK Cloud is available in 3 convenient packages, each tuned to satisfy the needs of Business Consultancies delivering transformation projects.