WEMAIK launches Academy to accelerate digital transformation projects on the WEMAIK platform

Paris, France, June, 2017 – WEMAIK, the leading No-Code solution provider, today announced the launch of the WEMAIK Academy, an extensive set of free, trainer-led and self-service training resources to help business consultants and end-client business experts quickly get up to speed on the WEMAIK Platform.

Industry-leading no-code company announces new Academy as part of aggressive growth program

WEMAIK has a growing partner base to keep pace with demand for platforms that accelerate digital transformation through rapid delivery of business applications. The WEMAIK Academy provides this rapidly growing community with free access to self-service training, enabling business consultants and business experts to quickly learn and deliver results with the WEMAIK platform.

As well as trainer-led introductory courses, the Academy includes a self-service online program that mixes fun and easy-to-use videos and short text-based lessons that guide users through the curriculum. It contains an overview of the WEMAIK Platform, how to set up a new WEMAIK project, creating Data Lakes, capturing user processes, project best practices and much more.  Those that complete the curriculum can take a short exam to achieve certification and recognition of their level of achievement.

“Our objective is to make the process of learning and using WEMAIK as fun, fast and frictionless as possible,” said Nanci Carrasquinho, Academy Manager at WEMAIK. “Access to self-service training is an important milestone in our efforts to help our global partner community thrive with WEMAIK, continually accelerating their time to success through product knowledge and best practice.” In fact Carrasquinho believes that the Academy community is the first community created from across the Management Consultancy industry.

Typically, users of the WEMAIK platform are self-sufficient in application creation after two days training, but the idea of the Academy is to enable business consultants to benefit from hints, tips and best practices. Also, to further develop their knowledge of the WEMAIK Platforms capabilities in Data Science, Analytics and more.

“WEMAIK’s No-Code Platform is solving the most pressing challenge in business today – how to accelerate and successfully deliver business transformations projects. This is essential across diverse industries such as healthcare, banking, consumer products, media, government, education, and more,” said CEO Frederic Doezy. “I’m looking forward to inviting our global Consulting partners to Academy events and so accelerate their clients transformation projects, helping enterprises and organizations of all sizes meet the challenges of digital with WEMAIK.”

Learn more about the WEMAIK Academy.

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